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How to arrange Direct Access Colonoscopy (without prior specialist consultation) for suitable patients

Direct Access Procedure Form

The process

Each referral will be reviewed by a gastroenterologist to confirm suitability for Direct Access Colonoscopy. Practice staff will then contact the patient to arrange a convenient time for them to have their colonoscopy and answer any questions the patient may have.  Any patients considered not suitable for Direct Access Colonoscopy will be offered an appointment to see the Gastroenterologist prior to a colonoscopy being scheduled.

Prior to Direct Access Colonoscopy, patients will be sent an information sheet and instructions regarding bowel preparation via mail. The bowel preparation can be purchased from a chemist or from our rooms at East Adelaide Medical Centre, 50 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

Once they arrive at hospital they will go to a Day Procedure area where the gastroenterologist will meet with them to review their medical history and discuss the procedure. The colonoscopy will then be performed. An anaesthetist will administer sedation during the procedure.

For further information on colonoscopy please see our Colonoscopy information sheet.

Results of the colonoscopy will be sent to the referring doctor and discussed with the patient on the day of the procedure. A follow-up clinic appointment will be arranged if the findings at colonoscopy require follow up.

  • A positive faecal occult blood test
  • Rectal bleeding in a patient over the age of 50 years
  • A prior history of colonic polyps or bowel cancer and require surveillance colonoscopy
  • A family history of bowel cancer
Conditional criteria
  • Are under 75 years of age
  • Are fit and healthy
  • Are capable and willing to consent in English
  • Are not taking “blood thinning” medication aside from aspirin
  • Have no history of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy, kidney, liver disease or serious lung disease
  • Have somebody to transport the patient to and from hospital
  • Have private health insurance or be willing to pay private hospital fees

Patients must be referred by a registered medical practitioner to one of our gastroenterologists.

Referrals flagged for “Direct Access Colonoscopy”

  • Email to admin@lumengastro.com.au
  • Faxed directly to the rooms (08) 8239 2021
  • Post to Lumen Gastroenterology, c/o East Adelaide Medical Centre, 50 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000
  • Sent via Argus Messenger