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Our fees are below the recommended AMA rates for specialist consultation.

The fees will differ depending on whether it is your first or a follow-up consultation. Medicare will cover a large portion of the fees, provided there is a valid referral from a general practitioner or specialist.

Department of Veterans Affairs patients are bulk billed and pensioners are charged at a reduced rate.

Please note that full payment is required on the day of consultation.

Our staff can explain the fees at the time of your appointment or alternatively, please feel free to call during office hours on 08 8267 1766 if you have any questions.

Procedural Fees (endoscopy and colonoscopy)

Patients with private health insurance

We do not charge gap payments for procedures for patients covered by private health funds. In some instances however, private health funds may require patients to pay an excess to the hospital. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider prior to your procedure for further information and to ensure that you are covered.

Patients without private health insurance

A fee will be charged to patients without private health insurance for endoscopic procedures performed at a private hospital. This fee will typically include the hospital facility fee as well as the Anaesthetist’s and Gastroenterologist’s fees. The fee differs between each hospital and doctor, and we recommend that you seek an estimate of the fees prior to undertaking the procedure.

We accept payment by:

We are now ‘cashless’ and only accept card or cheque (however, we will accept cash if the correct amount is presented).